Our Services

Initial Consultations

Where do we start?

Background Information About You

Our aim is to ensure you get as much value as possible from your meeting. In order to book your meeting, we need some information about you first by clicking on the button below;

We will assess the information and call or email you within 48 hours to either make an appointment time, or clarify some information.

What to Bring to Your Meeting

In terms of preparing for your meeting, can you please gather and supply the following:

  • Your Tax File Numbers

  • Your last three normal payslips

  • Most recent business and personal financial statements (tax returns)

  • Bank Account Statements

  • Last two years annual June 30th Superannuation statements and the current balances with transaction history July 1st onwards

  • Share Portfolio specifics (if applicable)

  • Loan statements including balances (credit cards, car loans, mortgage etc)

  • Budget if you have one

  • Last Life Insurance Renewal (if applicable)

  • Specific concerns you have

  • A potential bucket list and/or retirement date

About the Meeting

There is ample parking alongside the building and at the rear as well. Please allow approximately one hour for this first meeting.

Firstly, we briefly go through a financial services guide as an important informative process so that you understand who we are, what we can give advice on, who is responsible for our advice and how your best interests are protected. After that we let you do 95% of the talking so that you can let us know what is important to you, what your concerns are, and what you have on your bucket list.

The meeting usually heads in one of three directions :-

  • Direction One; You may have simple queries that require factual information and general advice.

  • Direction Two; Perhaps you may want a detailed financial model that shows you life’s financial journey over the next 20 years. As in, “if we do what we have planned, what does it look like at retirement and beyond? Are there any red flags?”. There is no personal advice provided in this scenario and costs approximately $1,320.

  • Direction Three; Sometimes we have clients wanting us to advise them on how, what, when and why, to strategically help them live the best life they can, and make sure their life and financial journey is stress free, fruitful and on track. Quite often we are targeting the right wealth, so that clients do not have to compromise their current living standards in retirement. This is where we provide personal customised advice, at a cost ranging from $2,540 to $3,750.

As a separate standalone service, we can help clients get a hassle-free age pension at a once off cost of $880.  If you are seeking Aged Care Advice, we can refer you to an Aged Care Specialist that we trust. 

If you only need tax advice as a separate issue, then we suggest you talk to a qualified Accountant as we provide strategic tax investment advice.