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It has been a terrific year from the business’ perspective, but we have seen both wonderful and sad stories unfolding in our clients’ lives. We all feel extremely grateful to be able to accompany you on life’s journey, and genuinely appreciate and feel fulfilled when helping you in difficult times.

There are many conflicts and crises happening around the globe right now. Some of them are political, some are economic, some are environmental, and some are humanitarian. These events have caused a lot of suffering, violence, instability, and uncertainty for millions of people. We all as Australians can be thankful for our freedom, democracy, beautiful environment, standard of living, and peace.  

Our team are taking a well earned break as follows:

LAST BUSINESS DAY - Friday, 22nd December 2023

CLOSED - Monday, 25th December 2023

OFFICE RE-OPENS - Monday, 8th January 2024

 Thank you for your support, loyalty and trust in 2023

Neale, Corey, Jo, Mel and Kirsty

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